Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Day

Zack turned 7 today!!! I can't  believe it was seven years ago that he came into our lives. He has been a blessing to us. He had so much fun opening his presents. His party is Saturday at the bowling alley.

On to a quilting stuff I am all caught up with RRCB mystery. Here's a picture of them. Not sure if the neutral blocks have enough but they are all white or beige backgrounds.

I also got my plaid D9P pinned and ready to start quilting. I hope to get most done before Christmas as this is the start of family quilts I want to make.

 Well that's it for now.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Combining two post into one

  Sunday December 5th was our tree trimming night at church. Zack was in the play Christmas Puzzle. He was a shepherd, here he is getting ready. 

He had so much fun singing up on stage.
not a good picture with my camera, I have better ones on the video camera.

second part of this post is that they started to put up the fake tree. But we decided to get this instead
they are making sure it was even. cute picture huh:)

 first ornament.
 He is so happy to get a real tree. Said it looked so much better.

He loved this church ornament had to put it on before we even put up the lights.
Will post more when we get it done.