Friday, November 26, 2010

New Iron

Ok yesterday my iron went out, made it hard to iron my blocks so I can cut them to size.  Plus this morning Bonnie Hunter put out her step2 for the mystery Roll Roll Cotton Boll and I have to iron my fabric so I can cut that one out. So this morning we went to toys r us to check out prices for legos. Zack's wants them for Christmas which I am glad he doesn't see my blog so he would know what he is getting for Christmas. Then off to Walmart  to get this

 So I can continue on these blocks. I am making a disappearing nine patch quilt. I am making two quilts at once this way I can get two finished quicker lol will try to anyways.  Here are  the blocks so far for both ways.
 bright batiks
 plaids, thought this would make a good man's quilt.

I did a baby quilt top a couple of weeks ago, I was following  that girl quilt along ( trying to figure out how to link to her blog). Well my quilt didn't
turn out that wonky but here it is, I liked how it turned out. Next time I will try and wonk the blocks better.

That's what I have been doing lately.

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  1. I LOVE That Pink Iron !!!!!! The baby quilt is ADORABLE and I Love the plaids one too what a GREAT one for a Male !